Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Old Brewery Fires Up After 140 years

Meantime Brewmaster Alastair Hook (right) and Old Brewery brewer, Rod Jones have had a busy few days of late firing up the copper in our new brewhouse at the Old Brewery, Greenwich, to make sure we have beer for our grand opening on March 22nd.

It's been a fun but fraught time as they familiarise themselves with the brand new equipment, which is literally bristling with valves which (if left in the wrong position) can easily leave the unwary brewer wondering why the copper is empying while his wellies are filling up.

First beer brewed on February 27th was our Old Brewery 'house beer' Meantime Kellerbier. At 4.6% ABV this traditional Franconian style is completes its maturastion in the cellar from the vessel from which it is served. The same would have been true of the original brews produced on the site between 1717 and 1860 when the site was occupied by the brewhouse of the Royal Hospital for Sailors.

The first brew was a low key affair as there was a rather greater need to concentrate on getting it right than there was on celebrating the return of brewing to this historic London setting after a break of 140 years. Fear not, however. There will be celebrating aplenty once the new brew is declared ready to drink.

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