Friday, 14 May 2010

Foot on the Floor

Work proceeds at breakneck speed at Meantime's new brewery site. Our new drains and load bearing floors are now in and curing ahead of the tiles being laid and the brewery itself arrving in three weeks.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Flawless Floors and Perfect Pipes

Our pictures show work on Meantime's new brewery progressing apace in both Blackwall Lane and Bavaria.

It is traditional in British breweries for floors to be somewhat uneven and the drain is usually located at the highest point in the room in order to provide work for a man with a squeegee. At Meantime we are determined to break with convention. Our drains will be at the lowest point on the floors which - and here is another revolutionary bit - will be designed to carry the loads that will end up on them.

The drains are now in, concrete is now being poured ( 4 Concrete trucks a day for the next two weeks). Tiles will start to be laid in a week.

Meanwhile in Southern Bavaria craftsmen at Rolec are labouring away on the new Meantime brewhouse to ensure that the kit arrives in London on schedule in three weeks time.

More news as it happens.